3D Tracking offers logistics solutions for all commercial vehicles from vans to HGV trucks. Our innovative technology and global support ensure that while your vehicles are on the road, you are in the front seat. By providing live monitoring of your vehicles, 3dTrack gives you full control over your fleet. 3dReport's detailed analysis of your fleet instantly highlights opportunities for increased efficiency while 3dAlert keeps you updated on critical fleet information by providing real-time notifications.
Billable is an independent software vendor specialising in development, sales, and support of our own business information management solutions. Our flagship product is Africa’s first and only locally developed digital law firm management solution. All our products provide small to medium size enterprises with the ability to increase collaboration on projects and track their progress while maintaining a real-time overview of the enterprise. Our target market is any business or enterprise wishing to develop a enterprise resource planning solution. Our solutions include sales tracking solutions, hospital management solutions, and fleet management solutions.
ClinicMaster INTERNATIONAL is a systems integration and software development company in Uganda that is responsible for the development and support of ClinicMaster Software. ClinicMaster is an integrated health information management system (HIMS), which automates transactions in the hospital or clinic on the basis of a patient’ visit and daily procedures. We currently serve one of the largest hospitals in Uganda together with several clinics and health centres in the country.
Loan Performer is a brand name in the microfinance industry. It is a first-class Management Information System used by some 400 micro-finance institutions in 50 different countries all over the world. The users are Savings and Credit Cooperatives, Credit Unions, Rural Banks, Money Lenders and other Financial institutions. Loan Performer can handle individual clients, groups and group members and SMEs. It is user-friendly and easy-to-learn. It integrates basic client data with shares, savings, time-deposits, loans. It has a general ledger with purchases, assets, debtors and creditors. All transactions are automatically booked. It has advanced features such as SMS banking, fingerprint scanning, wide-area networking, poverty assessment. It is multi-currency and multi-language, it can be installed as a standalone application, on a local area network or in a wide-area network.
Zimba Group is an adtech company providing tailor made technical and software solutions for small and medium enterprises with emphasis on e-commerce platforms. We use technology to find innovative solutions adapted to the innovation needs of each individual business. Our key focus areas are: enabling market access under our flagship projects; Zimba Women, working to create opportunities for women to actively, safely and fairly participate in the economy by providing access to skills and training for women; and Zimba Mart, a portal that will be used to expose the products from SMS’s to a vast local and international online market.
Planet Systems is a modern Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Technology (IT) company with a focus on performance management, supply chain, and logistics management systems. We offer modular systems designed to unify businesses and ensure easy management of projects, markets, materials, financials, human resource, processes and ideas. These include web-based and mobile e-procurement, e-contracts, asset and inventory management systems.
The idea was to disrupt the way people use technology. We had the burning desire to provide efficient, relevant and affordable software products to individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries and countries. Each product had to have that special Tracenode signature that made the end users' lives much easier. With product commitment, improved productivity, efficiency and intelligence, we have developed systems for the transport, medicine, education and real estate industries among others, and there is a lot more brewing in the background. We are built on three pillars that serve as the foundation of the products we develop: efficiency, possibility and integrity.
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